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Hornsby The Vision - 悉尼

New 全新 $800,000 - Apartment
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VISION by Northpoint

Project Name: VISION by Northpoint
Project Location: 1-3 Pretoria Parade, Hornsby
The project has a total of 86 residential units, 9 floors high
Super cost-effective + large indoor area: one room ≥ 55 square meters, $ 530,000 from two rooms ≥ 77 square meters, $ 738,000Three rooms 94 square meters, from $885,000

Project Description—
  • “Vision” stands for good foresight and imagination for life, representing the beginning of a new experience and the beginning of a new life.
  • Sydney’s North District’s most cost-effective school district, a good school, the project is close to Sydney’s second-ranked private school Baker College
  • Large-scale greening environment, the real estate is surrounded by full oxygen
  • Have self-occupation just need
  • Walk for five minutes to the shopping center Westifield, GM Chinese Supermarket
  • Ten minutes to hornsby train station
  • Go downstairs to the church and go upstairs to see the view
  • High rent, good cash flow and high population quality
  • Although the fish and the bear’s paw can’t have both, but this project can be self-occupied and invested.

Invincible scenery on the top floor: enjoying the romantic beauty of the setting sun

User-friendly interior design:

One little thing makes big difference! At the junction of the floor and the corner, the developer’s proud wall-and-corner design makes the seams more user-friendly. And put a layer of waterproof and anti-skid equipment on the wall, so that the wall surface is durable, the sesame paste is slowly smashed, and the quality of the building can be seen for ten years.

[Simple design] Comfortable and bright is the feeling of home

Perfect surrounding facilities and entertainment facilities


Shopping malls (including supermarkets, restaurants, banks and other commercial facilities)

Hornsby has been a busy commercial center many years ago. Both sides of the railway have developed into commercial areas. The west is mainly composed of traditional shopping villages, courts, police stations, RSLClub, etc. are all nearby. To the east is mainly occupied by Westfield Hornsby, which has two large chain department stores, Myer and David Jones, as well as cinemas, cafeterias, restaurants and more than 300 other stores.

Chinese supermarket

Chinese butcher shop

Project downstairs bus stop

Top view of the landscape, green, unique forest landscape, natural oxygen bar, your exclusive leisure back garden

Located at the entrance to the Hornsby area, VISION is the closest to Baker College, surrounded by forests and within walking distance of train stations, shopping centers and racecourses.

The project has a total of 86 sets of houses, super cost-effective + large indoor area: one room 55 square meters, $ 530,000; two rooms 80 square meters, $ 738,000; three rooms 95 square meters, $ 885,000 .

VISION’s benefits —

Compared with other real estates in the same area and nearby real estate, both price and area are absolute advantages. Located in the heart of Hornsby, within walking distance to the well-known shopping centres and train stations of Hornsby, enjoy a variety of amenities, a very good human environment, local residents, and a wealthy area. And there is also the top 5 high school in New Zealand, which is a very good area. The entire northern area is green, quiet and tidy, and it is suitable for self-occupation.

VISION’s traffic —

It is located in Hornsby, a northern part of Sydney, 27.1 km from the city centre and 14.4 km south of Chatswood. There are many private/public secondary schools in the district. Shopping, dining, entertainment, cultural leisure, and medical facilities are complete.

Downstairs of the project is the M60, 587, 588, 589 bus stop.

[Convenient train] 10 minutes walk to Hornsby train station, express train to City, 10 minutes to Epping, 13 minutes to Chinese town Eastwood, 29 minutes to Strathfield, 42 minutes to Central Station.

VISION’s educational resources —

It is just across the street from Baker College, the second largest private school in Sydney.

The Hornsby women have consistently ranked in the top ten of Sydney Women’s Elite Middle School.

In addition, private schools have more

Primary schools have:

  • Hornsby Heights Public School Elementary School
  • Hornsby North Public School Elementary School
  • Hornsby South Public School Elementary School
-VISION’s medical equipment –
  • The Hornsby Hospital and Child Care Centre are 750 metres away.
  • Hornsby Medical Centre is 1.1 km away.
  • The Hills Clinic is 1.1 km away.
  • Hornsby Ku-Ring-Gai Hospital, 1.2 km.
  • Mt Wilga Private Hospital, 2.4 km
-VISION’s investment prospects–

The median price of individual houses in the district is currently $940,000, with an average rent of $600 per week;

The median price of the apartment is $580,000, the average rent is $460 per week, and the average price of the past year has risen by more than 13.2%. Higher than the average level of the surrounding area . What does this prove? This means that a sleeping lion has begun to slowly open his eyes and prepare to dominate the world! As the population increases year by year, local housing demand continues to be high and investment returns are stable.

- VISION’s follow-up advantages -

The biggest highlight:

★ Hornsby is close to Wanronga, Sydney’s affluent district, and will be the second Chatswood.

★ Surrounded by prestigious schools, Sydney’s best private schools surround the surrounding, aristocratic school district.

★ Sydney North District Transportation Hub

★ Asset preservation of the wealthy area in the North District

★ Convenient transportation in all directions

★ More than a dozen new prestigious school rentals and value-added guarantees

★ Famous teachers create a home

Very low follow-up management costs

Water fee: 250 yuan per quarter;

Municipality: 340 yuan per quarter;

Property costs

2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 860 to 1170, quarterly;

1 room, 1 room, 650 to 780 per quarter.

Start time: early 2016

Expected completion date: mid-2017

-Hornsby’s demographic characteristics –

From the analysis report above, it can be found that the average age of Hornsby is 25-45 years old and 0-14 years old, 64% of the residents are mainly families with children, and the per capita income of the resident population is 7.8 to 130,000. Between the years, leading the Sydney average, Sydney is a high quality white-collar worker. In terms of population structure, local residents are mainly young couples, families with children and retired people.
Hornsby is a family-centered community, and schools near the community are known for their high quality teaching. Many schools are ranked in the annual school rankings, as well as the overall comprehensive assessment, as well as the assessment of grades in each grade, surpassing New South Wales, and even higher than the national average.

Local second-hand housing transactions:

-Hornsby’s back garden –

Hornsby is close to the Ku-Ring-Gai Chase National Park (one of Sydney’s most beautiful national parks with boats, water, mountains and beautiful views)

In addition, you can also go to:

  • Beatrice Thompson Park, 850 m
  • James Park, 950 m
  • North Turramurra Golf Course, 7.7 km
  • Bobbin head, 9.2 km
VISION developer introduction –

Developer Northpoint has more than 30 years of development experience in Australia and has developed numerous high quality properties. With many innovative patented technologies and excellent development records, it has won a good reputation in the sustainable development of Australia.