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Brisbane World Tower - 布里斯班

New 全新 - Apartment

Investing in Brisbane with the footsteps of the richest man has become the hottest trend nowadays. Then, when investing in Brisbane, you must look forward to it with everyone – the New World Tower! Investors are smart, they expect the reason of the New World Tower, at least ten!
1 Experienced developers are beautiful

The developer of the New World Tower is Pindan, who has more than 40 years of development experience. They invited the award-winning designer Ellivo to design the New World Tower with both practicality and fashion. Whether it’s the modern look of the design or the functional design of the interior facilities, the Tower of the New World is an eye-catching piece!

02 Large size, square type

The New World Tower has large room sizes that are difficult to surpass in other ordinary buildings, and the square shape can easily meet the needs of the residents’ decoration and furniture placement, avoiding the possibility of wasting all the space, and making every penny worthwhile!

03 Clubhouse Community

The New World Tower is fully equipped and is a typical club-type community. Gym, infinity pool, open air cinema, outdoor dinner, spa, convenience store… all by pressing the up and down keys of an elevator.

04 Best Location School District

The New World Tower is located in the school district and is a typical school district, just 700 meters from Brisbane’s number one high school, Brisbane State High School, and walks for about ten minutes. It is important to know that there are two types of secondary schools in Australia, public and private. Public secondary schools are similar to China, and you are allowed to live in the School Zone before you are allowed to enter.

05 Center Location

The New World Tower is 1km from the city center. The surrounding traffic is very convenient. It is only 400 meters away from the railway station, 500 meters from the supermarket Coles, 800 meters from the Brisbane Ferris wheel, and the dotted park, which fully meets all daily needs.

06 ultra low price

The price of the New World Tower is affordable, with 640,000 rooms in two rooms. However, because it is located in the school district, the rental return is very high. It is easy to achieve positive cash flow and let the investment get a quick return.

07 three sides of water

The New World Tower is surrounded by water on three sides, and the environment is elegant. The invincible water features definitely make people feel comfortable and enjoy the pleasant scenery.

08 Occupy Brisbane commanding heights

Although the New World Tower is near the water’s edge, it is built at the highest point, completely avoiding the flood zone. Even if it encounters heavy rains occasionally, there is no need to worry about flooding. This is an excellent advantage that cannot be said.

09 perfect landscape

The New World Tower has an excellent view, overlooking the riverside lights and the sunset outside the horizon, without worrying about the view being blocked.

10 Government project support, unlimited investment benefits

Another advantage of the New World Tower is that it is across the river from the Queen’s Pier, which the government has invested heavily. Queen’s Wharf is a central area for the future development of Brisbane. The terminal, six-star hotel, cinema, restaurant, coffee house… a series of commercial projects will be settled here, which will greatly promote the economic development of the entire region. The New World Tower is the beneficiary of such a government project, and its value will surely rise with the construction of the Queen’s Wharf.