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Coomera the Harmony - 布里斯班

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■ Unique location, located in the thriving Coomera on the Gold Coast, connecting Queensland’s fast-growing economic corridor. It is only about 2 minutes drive from the Coomera Center, which is about to be rebuilt. It is also a 35-minute drive from Brisbane, the capital of Queensland.

■ Life kits are available, surrounded by Westfield Shopping Centre and many supermarkets and shops.

■The surrounding transportation modes are complete, including Coomera Railway Station, Pacific Expressway, Bus Station, etc. It is very convenient to travel.

■ Luxury and leisure facilities, close to Hopeisland Resort, Surfers Paradise Resort, Shenxian Bay, etc., is a good place for a relaxing holiday.


Located on the Gold Coast’s thriving Coomera, it connects Queensland’s fast-growing economic corridor. Close to the Coomera Center, which is about to be rebuilt. It is also a 35-minute drive from Brisbane, the capital of Queensland.
Surrounded by Westfield Shopping Centre and a number of supermarkets and shops, it is convenient.
There are many childcare centers near the project. The school is full of schools, including Coomera Anglican College, Pimpama State Secondary College, Coomera Rivers State School and many other schools
. It is close to Hope Island Resort, Surfers Paradise Resort, Shenxian Bay, etc. It is a good place for a relaxing holiday.
The new Coomera Center is just a 2-minute drive from the Otto project. These include:
100,000 square meters of retail space, department stores like Myer, supermarkets, cinemas, shops and more. In addition, there are government offices, business districts, educational facilities, and libraries.
At the same time, Coomera has received $47.4 million in funding from the Australian Government and the Queensland Government. This funding is mainly used for upgrades within Coomera.
Peripheral Facilities:
Australia’s Mara British National College
Pimpama High School University
Coomera Rivers Public School and many other schools
Westfield Shopping Center
Hope island Resort
Surfers Paradise Resort
Shenxian Bay
Theme Park
Coomera Sports Park

Located between Brisbane and the Gold Coast, a traffic-led central business district with high-density residential, commercial facilities, educational institutions and a new large shopping mall is about to take shape.
Coomera has long been positioned by local councils as an area of ​​industrial development, employment growth and population growth. National and local governments will continue to expand infrastructure in the Coomera area in the future. As the region expands, more people will tend to live in communities close to rivers and mountains.


In short supply, the region with the fastest growth in the Gold Coast has a vacancy rate of less than 0.8%, a serious shortage.

✪Coomera – located in the northern part of the Gold Coast, is a rapidly developing inland area.
✪Transportation – Adjacent to the main highway to Brisbane and the Gold Coast, 25 minutes to the Surfers Paradise on the Gold Coast and 40 minutes to the Brisbane CBD.
West of the —— – the hinterland of the Gold Coast hinterland and eucalyptus.
East Side – the most famous residential area on the Gold Coast, such as Coomera Waters, Sanctuary Cove, Hope Island, these areas are rich in water, green areas and golf courses.

☞ Project Features: Investment and Potential
The Commonwealth Games in 2018 will bring unprecedented opportunities to the region. The federal government predicts that the event will bring at least A$2 billion in economic benefits to the surrounding area. Recreational facilities, education and sports packages in the northern corridors of the Gold Coast have never been as prosperous as they are today.

As the venue of the Gold Coast, the construction of the venue is underway. The role of the large-scale sports will be known to the city. The picture shows the indoor stadium being built by Coomera.


Two large projects are being launched:
Commera City Marina is about to be expanded and is determined to be the largest dockyard industrial base in the Southern Hemisphere. 390 million investment plans, 2,350 manufacturing jobs, 2,700 business jobs.
Westfield Town Center has also been approved for construction, the largest shopping mall development in the history of the Gold Coast. After completion, it will be the largest mall in Queensland, 150 stores, 10 different types of supermarkets, 1200 jobs will start construction, 1600 Job opportunities are completed when the project is completed.

High-quality projects, government support, regional driving, timing, and potential for strength, appreciation, just around the corner!

The Gold Coast rental market is hotter than the weather! Villa rental for 100 people to seek a rent……!!!!

Northern Gold Cost Coomera
You will come to the Gold Coast holiday in the future
The villa you bought is like this…
Playing at the beach like this…
The male god is like this…
Eating seafood is like this…
Buy the villa next door, the yacht will be like this…
God~~~ Xiaobian’s mind is already infinitely woven! ! ! Don’t stop me~~~~~!
Regarding the future investment direction, we have already set our sights on the villa project of the Gold Coast. The reason is also very simple. It is the 2018 Commonwealth Games that the Gold Coast successfully bid. Since the beginning of the second half of 2013, the Queensland State Government has started to invest a lot of money in the region.
Finally, Xiaobian wants to quote the gold formula of real estate value-added by Australian estate godfather Terry Ryder as the end of today:
Affordability + infrastructure (infrastructure) + Jobs (employment) = Price Growth (price increase)
You see, the real estate godfather has written the gold formula so clearly, the price of the Gold Coast has no reason to rise, the tenant is so crazy, the house is still afraid of renting out! ?
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