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Hurstville Imperial Apartment - 悉尼

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Hurstville has the advantages of convenient transportation, prosperous population, prosperous business, numerous leisure places and excellent breeding conditions.


Hurstville is a commercial town in the Southern District of Sydney. It is also a multicultural city. Many Chinese live in this area. In the past few years, Hurstville’s housing prices have been steadily rising, and the rental market is also very active. The property market has great potential for development.


Regional introduction:


Sydney hurstville, this area has a nickname called “Little Hong Kong”, is a hub in Southern Sydney, shopping and watching movies are OK, if you like the lively, here is good, and, here, there are more Chinese shops, buy things quite convenient. The traffic is a big station for train, so the traffic is quite convenient.

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Hurstville is located on a higher ground. Many properties along the railway line can see the CBD’s urban landscape. The Sydney airport has a lot of take-off and landing. Looking east, you can see the blue Pacific Ocean or Botany Bay.

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In addition, the Botany Bay National Park can see whales returning from June to October every year, accompanied by a group of dolphins. Incorporating nature, accompanied by forests, oceans and beaches is Australia’s lifestyle and taste. Since the home is here, it should be a good time.


There are Woodville Park, Velodrome Hurstville Park near downtown Hurstville, and Penshurst Park, Bexley Park, Kingsgrove Park, and golf courses. There is a large integrated sports centre in Penshurst Park. The gym, swimming pool, basketball, badminton and volleyball halls are all available and have become a daily fitness venue for residents of Hurstville.


Population profile:


The prosperity of a community is largely related to the demographic and community composition of the area. The so-called popularity of prosperity. Popularity will drive local commerce, promote consumption, and attract people from neighboring areas and even further to this place to consume. This silent factor that pushes up the prosperity of a certain area is very important. Hurstville was once known as “Little Hong Kong.” Of course, Australia’s native birth still ranks first, reaching 32%, while other regions account for 59%. Residents from mainland China and Hong Kong account for the majority of Hurstville’s population, ranking first among Sydney’s municipalities.
Young people make up a significant proportion of the population, with people aged 20 to 39 accounting for 39% of the population, which is the same as the Greater Sydney area. The age of 5 to 19 is 21%, which is 5% higher than the Greater Sydney area. It shows that natural population growth is on the rise.

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Hurstville from CBD15 kilometers, an area of ​​24.7 square kilometers, under the jurisdiction of natural areas have Bexley, Bexley South, Kingsgrove, Kingsway West, Beverly Hills, Allawah, Carlton, South Hurstville, Penshurst, Hurstville. The terrain is high, close to the coast, and is greatly affected by the marine climate. Summer will not be as hot as those in the nearby Blue Mountains, and winter will not be too cold. Sometimes the temperature difference will be six to seven degrees. In addition, near the water, you can enjoy more water fun, driving a motorboat in the George River, driving in Botany Bay, and even fishing offshore. Not to mention going to the beach, like to go to Bondi Beach when you are busy; go to Cronulla Beach for comfort and go to the Royal National Park.

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status of education:


Hurstville Adventist Primary School, Hurstville Elementary School
Hurstville Public School, Hurstville Elementary School (top school)
Hurstville South Public School, Hurstville Elementary School
St Mary’s Star of the Sea Primary School, Hurstville Elementary School
Bethany College, Hurstville Middle School
Georges River College Hurstville Boys Campus, Hurstville Middle School
Danebank School, Hurstville Primary and elementary school
St George Christian School, Hurstville Primary and elementary school


Transportation and business:


The reason why Sydney Hurstville can be called the center of the South District is really time, place and people. We know that one of the most important conditions of a business center is that it is easily accessible. In Hurstville, the most convenient means of transportation is the railway. Hurstville is 15 kilometers away from the CBD. It is a railway station. It not only has the departure bus from the CBD to Bondi Junction, but also the long-distance bus, the only way to the southern coastline of New Zealand. It takes only an hour or so to drive from Hurstville to Wollongong, the third largest city in New Zealand.


The Princes Mainway is south of Hurstville, up to the CBD, and down to the South Coast or to Southern Higland. The King George Road in the west is the most north-south main line in the east. It connects to Highway 1 and goes to the North Coast, Newcastle; or Highway 2, heading northwest, to the north of Windsor, Richmend, and Blue Mountain. In the middle, it also follows the No. 5 expressway to the capital Canberra. On the 4th expressway, go to the Blue Mountains and go straight to the hinterland of the western part of New Zealand.


The large shopping centre in Hurstville, Sydney is another element of popularity. Hurstville’s (Westfield) shopping mall is one of Sydney’s shopping malls. It is located in the middle of two other West Park shopping centres in Southerland and Eastlake. The residents living in the three Xiyuan Centers have many choices. Hurstville is more attractive than the other two Xiyuan in its surrounding shops, which have formed scale and climate. From Hurstville Railway Station, Forest Road in the north, shops and banks, grocery stores, and even clinics and medical centers are just a few of them.

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Imperial Court Imperial – a new paradigm in Sydney’s architectural world


As a treasure of architectural design, Imperial Imperial represents the direction of the apartment tower. The innovative exterior comes from its unique split structure and is embellished by the stunning sky garden, hidden inside a shimmering metallic exterior.


This building is a sign, not only in Hurstville, but also in Sydney and throughout Australia. As a masterpiece of architectural design, it will surely have a place in the history of Australian architecture and will become a standard model for many years to come. The shape of the Imperial Imperial is unforgettable, and all apartments have been carefully conceived and their style is unique. Contemporary charm is fully demonstrated here. The use of a large amount of precious metals, the raging local gold, and the imposing architectural design of Imperial’s Imperial City bring a new era of noble life in the heart of Hurstville.


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On the one hand, Imperial’s Imperial architectural design is the leader, on the other hand, as a foil, there are a large number of three-dimensional gardens in the building and on the roof. Through the green plants, gravel paving and artificial water features, the small courtyard looks vibrant and is a good place for leisure and family gatherings. On the top of the building, two exotic lush sky gardens divide a lot of separate spaces for people to choose from. The beautiful sky garden makes the Imperial Park’s unique and innovative shape full of vitality. Looking north, you can always see the Sydney CBD through the good things, and you can see the beautiful Botany Bay in the south. Water view.

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In terms of daylighting, the apartment’s north facing out to the sun-drenched balcony offers a panoramic view of Sydney’s city centre. Like another layer of skin, the stylish balcony offers shade in the summer and warmth in the winter. The glass curtain wall obscures the apartment, and the movable glass behind the glass can be used as an indoor-outdoor room, many of which have spectacular water views of the Botany Bay.


Stepping into an elegant and luxurious interior, Imperial Imperial is a world of abundance. The five-star anteroom makes people feel different, and feels at home, looking forward to the beautiful and elegant apartment upstairs. The front is the front desk of the Imperial Imperial, the bronze walls in the front hall and the striking crystal chandeliers allow you to enter the world of the world every time you arrive.


Imperial Imperial has sublimated the standard of luxury living to a new level. The large central island countertops in the kitchen are all high-grade slate, and the AEG brand kitchen utensils are noble and practical, fully demonstrating the European style. In the calm bathroom and suite, the slate platform, LED lighting and trendy and stylish wall cabinets add a sense of luxury.