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kellyville in the Norwest

Northwest, development and investment prospects are huge

The government invested 70 billion yuan in infrastructure construction, and the northwest became the largest benefit area. Everyone knows that the government has a plan for Greater Sydney in 2036, but most people think that 2036 is far away from us. As everyone knows, it is the long-term plan of the Sydney government for the 2036 plan that catalyzed the rise in housing prices in various parts of Sydney in recent years. speed.

From the revival of Rhodes, to the rise of the new business park in the Olympic Park, to the soaring of the ponds and Kellyville, in the past few years, every long-term housing price increase has been indispensable for the government’s long-term planning and capital injection.

Big land, no matter how good the environment, if there is no capital injection and development, it will always be a wasteland!

Priority development area of ​​the state government’s plan for the next 20 years

With the advancement of the 2036 plan, most of the government’s 70 billion infrastructure investment allocation in the next four years will be used for roads and supporting construction in the northwest: Northwest Railway, Parramatta Light Rail, West Connex Highway, Sydney’s largest employment center, Sydney. The addition of Business Park and surrounding shopping, medical and educational facilities will gradually turn from renderings to reality.

The North West Rail Link was started in 2014 and was completed and opened to traffic in 2019.

The Northwest Railway is 23 kilometers long and has an express train to the city every 5 minutes. Gladys Ber ejiklian, director of the NSW Department of Transportation, once said that the importance of the Northwest Railway to the lives and economy of the people of northwest Sydney is equal to the importance of the Sydney Bridge in the 2030s to the North Shore of Sydney.

It is said that the train is ringing and the gold is two thousand. After the opening of the Northwest Railway, the existing 300,000 residents in the northwest of Sydney can take the train directly to Epping, Chatswood and Sydney city centre. More importantly, they will attract a large number of outstanding elites. Go to the northwest to find employment and settle down.

2 currently the largest + the largest in the future, Sydney’s two largest employment centers are located in the northwest

● Norwest Business Park, Sydney’s largest employment center

Covering an area of ​​256 hectares, Norwest Business Park is dominated by high-tech industries with more than 30,000 jobs. The scale and supporting facilities of the park have attracted many Fortune 500 companies, including: IBM, OPTUS, BASF, C&W, WyethAustralia, Schneider Electrics, Woolworths Limited, etc. These high-quality and high-income employees are basically living in the northwest region. The high-quality shopping, medical and educational facilities in the northwest have enabled them to truly live and work.

● Sydney Business Park, Sydney’s largest employment center in the future

By 2031, Sydney’s population forecast is at least 5.3 million, and it needs to increase employment opportunities by 450,000. The largest employment growth area is in the northwest and will provide 99,000 jobs.

In addition to the existing Norwest Business Park, Northwest is building a future employment center in Sydney, Sydney Business Park , which is twice the size of Sydney CBD, with a total investment of 2 billion, covering 550 hectares, integrating commercial, industrial and procurement. Developed in a residential area.

Sydney Business Park has been built in batches and in batches. Companies that have entered the park now include: IKEA, Lindl, Costco, Bunnings, Masters, ALDI, McDonald’s, etc. The future is expected to create at least 10,000 new jobs.

4 life support upgrade

● Rouse Hill Town Centre One-stop shopping

The Northwest has the most complete lifestyle package in Sydney, and the existing Rouse Hill shopping centre provides a one-stop shopping experience for the entire Northwest and Parramatta residents. In the government’s latest expansion plan, the Rouse Hill shopping mall will be nearly doubled on the existing basis.

The expanded Rouse Hill Town Center will nearly double the size of the entire area

● IKEA & COSTCO have settled in the northwest

The third largest IKEA in Sydney has begun to operate in the Northwest. Sydney’s second COSTCO has also been set up in Sydney Business Park, and these new shopping packages will radiate throughout the Northwest.

5 medical support upgrade

NSW’s largest public medical center, Westmead Hospital and Westmead Children’s Hospital, is located in the northwest, and Norwest Business Park is also equipped with a private hospital, the Norwest private hospital. In order to meet the needs of people who will move to the northwest in the future, the government recently announced that it will build another private hospital in Rouse Hill.

Northwest, the region with high employment growth in the next 20 years

The northwest will become a region with high employment growth in the next 20 years. The official report of Sydney Urban Strategic Planning and Development 2036 predicts that Sydney has become Australia’s fast-growing city, with an annual population of 150,000 people entering NSW.

By 2036, Sydney’s population is forecast to be close to 6 million, and 450,000 jobs will need to be added. The largest employment growth area is located in the Northwest (99,000 employment growth) and Southwest (80,000 employment growth), and then the traditional Sydney CBD (58,000). It is predicted that employment growth in Western Sydney will account for 56% of the overall future in 2036.

The new population has boosted the job market, but it has also put tremendous pressure on the residential market, which was already very scarce. According to government reports, although Australia will build an average of 150,000 new homes per year by 2031, the number of households will grow at a rate of 163,000 per year. By 2031, housing demand will be 663,000 more than the supply. This huge gap between supply and demand will be even more pronounced in Sydney, where the country’s population growth is fastest.


Sydney Value Added Tomorrow’s Star – Kellyville District Great Science

Kellyville, Sydney’s most promising area, is an important investment hotspot in Sydney that has not been recognized by overseas investors. It is very large in terms of environment, transportation, employment, shopping, education, etc. Investment value and appreciation potential.

The Kellyville area is a prime residential area in the northwest of Sydney. Surrounded by large areas of greenery in the area, the living environment is elegant and comfortable. The quality of life is ranked in the top in Australia, and the Livable Index ranks in the top ten in Sydney.

1. Geographic location:

Kellyville area is located northwest of Sydney, from the CBD about 37 Gongli , there are direct buses to reach by car about 40 minutes from Sydney’s second largest CBD – Parramatta less than 18 kilometers by car about 21 min; from Macquarie University 21 kilometers, about car 18-25 minutes ; nearby Chinese communities include Carlingford , Eastwood , Epping, etc.

2. Population distribution:

Kellyville’s main population is Australian natives (73%), and foreign-born population accounts for less than 30%, most of whom are professionals, with an average age of 30 or so, and family weekly income of 2,307 Australian dollars, far higher than the entire Sydney region. The average value of 1447 Australian dollars, income levels can be compared with the eastern rich areas.

3. Convenient transportation:

  • train:

The government’s $8.3 billion construction of the North West Rail Link has been under construction this year, with a total of eight sites, in the northwest direction: Cherrybrook, Castle Hill, Showground, Norwest, BellaVista, Kellyville , Rouse Hill, and Cudgegong. Rd.

With a total length of nearly 23 kilometers, the railway line will use three underground, ground and elevated modes. It is Australia’s largest transportation hub after the Sydney Harbour Bridge, including the longest and deepest railway tunnel.

  • highway:

New Lane Cove Tunnel and M2 Hills Motorway

35 minutes to Sydney CBD

20 minutes to Parramatta CBD

6 minutes to Norwest Business Park

15 minutes to Sydney Business Park

  • Bus (to):

Rouse Hill (T64, T65, T66, 601, 610, 607X, 617X, 619),

Parramatta (T64, T65, T66, 601),

CastleHill (610, 612X, 619),

Baulkham Hills (601, 610, 612X, 615X, 619),

Macquarie Park (619),

North Sydney (602, 612X),

Sydney CBD (607X, 610, 615X, 617X),

Blacktown (T71, T75),

Castle Hill (T71),

Rouse Hill (T71, T75),

Riverstone (T75).

4. Educational resources:

There are good secondary and elementary schools around Kellyville, including the famous James Ruse Public High School, Baulkham Hill Public High School (ranked second in 2013), and only 20 minutes (14.5 km) from The King’s School, the most famous private high school in Australia. The ride.

The main schools include :

5. Shopping life:

Shopping is very convenient:

Kellyville Plaza, 2.2km, 5 minutes by car

Rouse Hill Shopping Centre, 4.9 km

Stanhope Garden, 3.4 km

Castle Tower, 5.7 km

Among them, Castle Tower will expand its 60,000 square meters of business area. After the expansion, Castle Tower will become the largest shopping center in New South Wales.

6. Medical health

In addition to the Norwest Private Hospital, there are also well-known public hospitals such as Blacktown Hospital:

  • Norwest Hospital – Bella Vista
  • The Hills Private Hospital – Baulkham Hills
  • Castle Hill Hospital – Blacktown
  • Kellyville Ridge Family Medical Centre – Kellyville Ridge
  • Norwest General Practice – Bella Vista

7. Business environment:

With 377 hectares of Norwest Business Park, Woolworth is headquartered outside, and there are 400 companies including IBM, Schneider, ResMed, etc., and now there are about to work here. It is expected that 35,000 people will work here after the formation. It can be seen that the housing in the surrounding area is in short supply.

8. Investment focus

Follow the government, invest and earn!

The government’s largest employment growth area in the 2036 plan is located in the northwest and southwest of Sydney. The northwestern part of Sydney will be re-planned into 16 districts with a total land area of ​​approximately 10,000 hectares, which is within the scope of The Hills Shire, Blacktown and Hawkesbury Council.

In addition, the Northwest Development Zone will be centered on Rouse Hill and will be covered by two train lines ( Richmond rail line and North west raillink). It is expected that over the next 25 years, 70,000 homes will be built, 99,000 jobs will be created and 200,000 people will be added.

The increase in employment is mainly due to the establishment of two super-large industrial parks: Norwest Industrial Park and Sydney Business Park .

1. Norwest Business Park (Norwest BusinessPark)

Covering more than 170 hectares, the Norwest Industrial Park is the heart of the entire Northwest Rail Line project. Since 1983, nearly 30% of the top 500 Australian companies have been located in the region, including chain supermarket giants Woolworth, Optus and AAMI Insurance. .

2. Sydney Business Park (SydneyBusiness Park)

Sydney Business Park is a world-class, large-scale business park that combines industrial, commercial and retail shopping. It is located in Marsden Park, Sydney’s northwest development, with an area of ​​256 hectares and a retail space of 2,000 square meters. Up to 20 hectares.

Nowadays, the new Sydney Business Park, which is three times as large as the CBD, has broken ground. The largest IKEA, Costco, Bunnings and Masters in Australia are under construction. It is planned that the first batch of large supermarkets will open next year (2015).

The completed Sydney Business Park will provide more than 17,000 new jobs, which will be twice the growth rate of Macquarie Park and Sydney CBD. It is expected that the property within half a hour of the business park will be hot. .

It can be seen from this that the trend of the housing market in the whole northwest can be described by the “涟漪 effect”. The whole is centered on the Norwest Industrial Park and the already-opened Sydney Business Park. It radiates to both sides. The inner ring is mainly commercial or industrial, and the outer ring is mainly residential.

The house price is also the same performance; the area is centered on the railway station along the railway line. According to the distance from the railway station, the density of the houses is from high to low, showing different types of development. It can be predicted that the escalating transportation network and strong population growth will definitely push the housing prices in the region to rise further in the future.