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The Olympic Park is located in the geographic center of Sydney, in the middle of Sydney CBD and Parramatta, 20 minutes to Sydney CBD, 15 minutes to the second CBD – Parramatta, its unique location features, plus the government’s key investment in the 2030 plan makes the area The real estate project is hot.

Basic profile


The Sydney Olympic Park covers an area of ​​640 hectares and is adjacent to Homebush Bay in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. It is the venue for the 2000 Sydney Olympics and is now used for various sporting events and cultural events such as the Sydney Easter Carnival ( Sydney Royal Easter Show, Sydney Festival and some world-class sports competitions.

Today, there are about 5,000 events held each year at the Sydney Olympic Park, such as the Sydney Easter Carnival, the National Football League and the Rugby League, as well as athletics and swimming activities, with more than 10 million people attending events each year.

“Happy Summer” is a fixed event held every weekend at the Sydney Olympic Park. It is a series of comprehensive sports and cultural activities, the most popular of which is the amateur competition organized by various projects of the Olympic Games. The park’s repertoire also includes art exhibitions, filming, open-air concerts, and stadium open days. It is worth mentioning that all entertainment on the weekend is free.

The Sydney Olympic Park has hosted the Big Day Out Festival and is also an important partner of the Sydney Festival. It is witnessed that “Movies in the Overflow” has become the Sydney Showground. The former Sydney Superdome is now called Acer. Arena, the Olympic Stadium has also been renamed the Telstra Stadium. Acer Arena is the second largest indoor venue in the world, second only to the Madison Square Garden in New York, USA.

Livable environment

The Olympic Park is the largest green area in the inner west area, integrating education, sports, commerce and residence. It is surrounded by parks such as Bicentennial Park and Blaxland Riverside Park. It is full of entertainment and leisure facilities and sports venues. From above the floor, you can enjoy the unobstructed views of downtown Sydney, with more than 32 upscale restaurants, bars and cafes nearby.

Convenient transportation, there is the Olympic Park Railway Station in the park, all over the bus station; driving to Sydney city area in 20 minutes, the future light rail will also extend in all directions.

The park is shaded by trees and the mountains and rocks are scattered. The wetland creek is suitable for walking, jogging, cycling or BBQ. The children’s playground can be used for children’s entertainment. The whole family can also carry out picnics and camping.

For a family, imagine how exciting it is for children to have a long meeting in such an environment. There are 60 football fields and green parks that will provide children with unparalleled fun, adventure and play. Choosing to live in the Sydney Olympic Park chooses a unique lifestyle and lifestyle.

From now until 2030, the Sydney Olympic Park will become a large government planning community that is growing and prospering.

development plan

The Olympic Games is a label for an international metropolis. In order to further utilize the resources left by the Olympic Games, the New South Wales Government has made the Olympic Park development “Master Plan 2030″ .

The main theme of the plan:

The main purpose of the Sydney Olympic Park development plan is to develop sports and entertainment, as well as to protect the park and its surroundings. The core of the plan is to increase recreational facilities; expand residential buildings to attract ordinary citizens; and provide more job opportunities.

Planning focus:

The plan has delineated 8 key renovation areas around the “Centre Town” of the Olympic Park , involving 20 designated areas , and will have a living area of ​​14,000 people , as well as necessary facilities such as restaurants, shops, office buildings, and more than 31,500. Employment opportunities . After the expansion, the park also includes a 110,000 square meter commercial center , a 240,000 square meter hotel , a 450,000 square meter entertainment area and 10,000 parking spaces , and increased public transportation routes.

As one of Sydney’s four economic centers , the Olympic Park will become the future employment center, and the headquarters of many famous enterprises will be moved into the park, including the Federal Bank, Westpac Bank, and BP headquarters.

Among them, GPT Group’s QUAD Business Park settled in the Olympic Park and was named Australia’s top business park and won the Business Development Award.

The progress:

The Federal Bank covers an area of ​​60,000 square meters of headquarters office building, 3,500 square meters of retail facilities, and 3,500 employees have settled in the Olympic Park, becoming the beginning of the arrival of major companies; the large-scale general hospital with an investment of 40 million Australian dollars is about to start, will bear 15.5 per year. 10,000 person-times of medical treatment, as well as sports rehabilitation and other research work; four-star hotels with tens of millions of investment will be built. Investing 20 million Australian dollars, hotel-style apartments managed by QUEST will also be completed; the cost of 60 million Australian dollars AV JENNINGS company headquarters construction plan has been approved.

Light rail project:

The NSW government is expected to announce that they have decided to invest A$1 billion to build a light rail project from Parramatta to Olympic Park and then to Strathfield.

Future preview:

By the end of the 2030 Olympic Park master plan, Sydney’s population will increase by 1.1 million, and the density will increase greatly. The Olympic Park will become a world-class heritage: 640 hectares , equivalent to twice the size of Sydney’s central business district , while residential only 1,400 households , sitting on 425 hectares , accounting for 66% of the garden green space , is the world’s best.

In the next 21 years, the development plan with a total planning of 1.4 million square meters will be realized one by one. By then, the Olympic Park will carry an active population of 55,000 a day, creating 31,500 jobs, 6,000 new buildings , and 14,000 inhabitants . It will undertake 5,000 students , a reception capacity of 250,000 people in various venues , 10 million visitors per year, and can accommodate 250,000 large-scale events at the same time.

The Olympic Park will be a unique world-class sport, entertainment, leisure, education and economic center. It will become a world-class and noble living community that combines high efficiency, energy conservation, environmental protection, and a solid economic environment and ecological environment.

Throughout history, the Olympic Games have left a valuable legacy for the host city, and these Olympic areas have been well developed. The same is true of the Sydney Olympic Park. Some large companies have gradually entered the Olympic Park area, which has set off a prelude to large-scale investment in the region. As the “Master Plan 2030” progresses, a comprehensive large living area is gradually formed, and a new face of the Olympic Park will be displayed in front of the world, and this will become one of the most commercially valuable areas .

Seeing here, is it heart?

Meriton, Ecove and other major developers have long been heart-warming, and have pegged this treasure land to seize the site.

Australia’s number one developer, Meriton, is the latest masterpiece in the Olympics Botania apartment

Botania is located in a prime location in the Sydney Olympic Park and enjoys 430 hectares of parkland. Facing the north and east, facing the park and the city, this boutique apartment boasts five-star resort facilities, including an outdoor pool and indoor watersports center, and world-class leisure facilities and transportation. The project has a total of 332 apartments and will be completed in mid-2017. The limited time special room has a parking space of 637,000!

Botania’s 9-storey apartment offers views of the public greens and the city’s wonders. Large, one, two and three bedroom apartments designed to satisfy your individual life. All use European Inve stainless steel appliances, including microwave ovens, ovens and built-in dishwashers, stainless steel gas stoves and central range hoods, and wood floors in the living and dining areas.

Surrounded by oversized public greenery plus a water center with indoor heated pool, spa, sauna, and fully equipped gym. Open-air barbecue area and landscaped garden, Child Care and secure underground parking.