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All the way to the west, Sydney’s West End has attracted the attention of many investors, already the fastest growing region in NSW, and Parramatta is the undisputed center of the West. In the future, it will be more ever-changing, with a large-scale urban planning of A$ 8 billion. It will present a view of high-rise buildings and completely change the local city skyline. It is possible to surpass Adelaide to become Australia’s fifth largest CBD .

The TheGalleriaproject, launched in the heart of Parramatta , has convenient transportation and shopping, and is famous for its high cost performance. Close to the Parramatta business district, overlooking the Sydney CBD city ​​skyline and New Year fireworks.


Location ! Location ! Location !

Lot! Lot! Still the location!

Central status value

Located 18 km west of Sydney, Parramatta has been named “the second largest CBD in Sydney . The word Parramatta is derived from the native language, and the willingness refers to the place where the squid lives . It is one of the oldest cities in Australia’s history. There are many representative ancient buildings in the area, such as the former site of the Governor’s Mansion. Parramatta is also known as the cradle city due to its important historical contribution to agriculture in the region supplying the entire colony . Parramatta originated in Dharug tribes, 1788 Nian 11 Yue 2 officially established, initially named Red Hill , later changed to “Parramatta” .


Parramatta covers an area of ​​about 61 square kilometers, and the total population of the municipal district is close to 370,000 . One-third of the population in the region comes from non-English speaking countries, and the multicultural society is very strong. In addition to local residents, the number of Chinese born overseas is the highest (about 11% ). Because the local population of 20 to 39 years old is as high as 50.6% and the average age is only 30 years old, Parramatta is also known as a young and vibrant city. And with the rapid development of the surrounding economy, Parramatta has already become a hot spot for investment in the property market, especially attracting many Chinese families to buy property here.



Business center


With an annual production value of A$15 billion, Parramtta is an important central business district in Sydney’s West End. The region’s economic development is relatively mature, with a full range of industries including food processing, manufacturing, information and communication, biotechnology, construction, retail and health services. In other industries, the leading industries are finance and insurance, which is the largest financial center in Western Sydney. At the same time, due to the economic and financial status of the region, many government agencies and enterprises are stationed in the district, including the NSW Police Department, the Sydney Water Authority, the NSW Immigration Department, and a number of commercial banks and accounting firms. In addition, many other government agencies are preparing to move from the center of Sydney to this place, and also attracted companies including Coca-Cola and Shell, including the world’s top 500 companies.



Traffic center

With a vast area of ​​61 square kilometers, Parramatta has a 65-kilometer staggered natural waterway and 759 hectares of open space. The surrounding traffic facilities are perfect. As an important transportation hub in the west, there are several railway lines and bus lines connecting the area, and there is also a ferry terminal. In the future, with the completion of the WestConnex road project connecting Parramatta and Sydney CBD and Kingsford Airport, and the light rail line connecting CastleHill and Macquarie Park, the location of Parramatta’s transportation center will become more prominent.


Life center

Shopping in the area is also very convenient, with a large chain shopping complex – “Westfield”. Major cultural, convention, entertainment, sports and tourist facilities include RosehillGardens Racecourse, Parramatta Stadium, Riverside Theatres and the famous Heritage and Cultural Tourism District. Various major festivals are held in the district, including the Parramasala Festival of South Asian Arts and the Sydney Festival Parramatta. There are also many distinctive shops, restaurants and coffee shops on both sides of the main street in the area, such as the famous ChurchSt, which allows people to enjoy shopping and food. During the holidays, many restaurants will also have special celebrations and long hours of operation. In addition, the local public facilities are also very complete, including post offices, banks and so on.


Education Center

The University of Western Sydney’s new campus in ParramattaSquare will begin enrolling in 2017

( Journey to “TheGalleria” is only 3 minutes! )

Educational resources are one of the most important factors for Chinese families to consider when buying a home. Parramatta is rich in educational resources and has many prestigious schools, including Parramatta High School, ArthurPhillip High School, MacarthurGirls High School, Parramatta Public School and TheKings School.

The University of Western Sydney’s main campus is located here, just a few minutes drive from Benedict. In addition, due to the migration of many government agencies, especially the NSW Police Department, from the center of Sydney, the local security index has risen significantly, which has also pushed up the price of the local property market.

Parramatta itself is developing in the form of CBD , the state and federal governments have moved to this place, and the business district center has also become a scale.





At present, the urbanization of Parramatta has exceeded the size of Chatswood by more than four times.

Parramatta will add 10,000 jobs in the next five years , and 50,000 jobs will be added in 25 years . The housing demand brought by the nearest employment will make the housing lease in short supply.







The future development of Parramatta 

There will also be several projects in the region and around the investment of more than several hundred million Australian dollars, including some high-tech medical or industrial parks, as well as a very high-end fashion commercial and residential complex, many old industrial assets next to ParramattaRiver will be redeveloped.


Parramatta will change dramatically in the next decade ! 



Westmead Medical District

Westmead’s medical services are the most concentrated in Australia: with four large hospitals and three research institutions. It provides 16,000 beds, employs 16,000 people and treats more than one million people each year. The upcoming development plan includes the construction of a $135 million building to expand the Millennium Institute, a world-class research facility with 750 world-renowned scientists and researchers. The Children’s Medical Research Institute has invested $171 million in phased redevelopment, a world-class environmentally sustainable technology. After redevelopment, its research capabilities will greatly enhance and benefit children. The total investment will cost more than
A$68 million to improve the public sector for the benefit of patients, employees, visitors and residents, including road construction, parks, transportation links and parking.

Rydalmere Technology Park
Rydalmere will work with the University of Western Sydney to build a high-tech business park in the area. The region is expected to have the capacity to accommodate 11,000 knowledge workers, attract 2,500 higher education professionals and accommodate 30,000 students.

Camellia Ecology Park
has the opportunity to build a 40-hectare eco-industrial park dedicated to construction and energy in Camellia, which will enable PARRAMATTA to offer a wide range of employment opportunities at all levels of technology, creating more for local residents with varying degrees of experience. Job position. Camellia can also provide opportunities for green industry funds to help new businesses.

Rosehill Racecourse The
Australian Jockey Club is undergoing a $24 million redevelopment project to improve the infrastructure of Rosehill Racecourse. The master plan is underway, including the construction of a new train station, improved parking facilities and the use of 21st century advanced methods to manage clubs, retail stores and accommodation facilities.


Future transportation and urban development focus In
the west, northwest and southwest of Sydney, Parramatta is the center of development . In the future, Parramatta will provide more significant development and investment opportunities. With the development of relevant government transportation plans, the WestConnex project and LightRail will be mainly included. The opening of the project will be more valuable as a transportation hub, and the supporting infrastructure will also undergo a large-scale upgrade.
WestConnex project

From Parramatta to the Sydney CBD is very convenient, currently only 40 minutes drive , the Westconnex under construction will shorten the travel time to 20 minutes.

Based on M4, the traffic situation of ParramattaRoad congestion, the Australian federal and NSW government plans to invest A$11.5 billion to build Parramatta and Sydney CBD and extend to Sydney Kingsford Airport, which will become Sydney’s future traffic artery. Upon completion, it will be connected to the M5 after the expansion to form a road traffic trunk that runs through Sydney’s east, west and south. Parramatta will benefit greatly, and the transit time of the Sydney CBD will be shortened within half an hour to better meet the needs of employment growth and population growth. Other surrounding beneficiaries include Parramatta, Strathfield, Olympic Park, Burnwood, Ashfield, Campbelldown, Chippendale and Alexsandria.


LightRail project

The government spent $400 million to build a new ultra-light rail network centered on Parramatta, connecting Castlehill, from Carlingford to Macquarie Park, through OlympicPark to Strathfield and Burwood, and to the southwestern town of Bankstown. And the future light rail site is next to the case “TheGalleria”, which is extremely convenient .


Housing hotspot

According to RPData, there are few houses in the area, apartments or units, and the development in recent years is increasing. Many high-rise buildings will emerge in the future. Because the area is developed, the transportation is convenient, and the education is perfect, it is a very good choice whether it is investment or self-occupation. According to data released by Domain, 488 apartments or units were sold in the past year, and 82 separate houses were sold, with a maximum price of $1,758,000 and an auction clearance rate of 90%. In addition, the rental market in the area is also stable.


ParramattaCBD Real Estate Market

Looking at the picture above and the market situation, you will find that our property, TheGalleria , is impeccable both in terms of location and price.


The Galleria Parramatta

“The Galleria Parramatta” was created by the famous local developer Nu Corp. The property now has 1, 2 and 3 bedroom units for buyers to choose from. In addition to spacious and comfortable, safe and comfortable living environment, the residents can experience the high-quality family life.

High-quality architectural design, cost-effective. Located in the heart of Parramatta, just a few minutes walk from the train station and shopping mall. The 5th floor underground is a parking lot, and the 2nd floor is a residential building with an open view to the Sydney CBD city skyline. High-rise residents, overlooking the blue sky, the blue mountain scenery is even more unobstructed. At the same time, you can also carry out barbecues and games, so that residents can enjoy quality life indoors and outdoors. In the architectural design, adhering to the style of simplicity and elegance, the living space is more spacious. The surrounding streets are neat, the trees are shaded, the environment is quiet, and the living conditions are quite pleasant.

The future light rail line is within easy reach, transportation and shopping are very convenient, the train station and Westfield are only a few minutes walk away, and nearby public facilities such as supermarkets, restaurants, coffee shops, banks and post offices are also available. In addition, the surrounding education resources are abundant, and the famous schools are numerous. This is also the biggest factor that attracts many families with children to choose their homes.

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